Cabin Types

At Southern Log Cabins we are proud to present 20 different varieties of cabin types. With different cabin types for different purposes, you will be spoilt for choice!! We are convinced that at Southern Log Cabins you will probably find just the Garden Log Cabin that you have been looking for.
Besides the varieties being so comprehensive, there is no compromise when it comes to quality. There may be other cabins in the market place that are cheaper but we implore you to check the specifications, such as thickness of walls and flooring, type of timber, age of timber before it’s felled. These and other important factors really make a difference to your Log cabin lasting only a few years or a lifetime.
We have cross referenced a number of Log Cabins for you. For example you may find that a log cabin in the DF range also appears in the “up to 5m wide” range.
It is well worth browsing through the various ranges to check on the depth of a cabin.
For example if you are after a cabin no more than say 3m wide, you may also find that there is a log cabin 5m wide but 3m deep. This means that you could turn the cabin round 90 degrees if your garden allows you to do so. Your front door would be at the side instead of at the front. Here is the list of log cabins categories.

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